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FIBA Worlds: Games To Watch/Open Thread 11.9.10

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Did you watch the classification round games yesterday? Yeah, me either. But the important thing is that today, the Semi-Finals are happening. On ESPN Classic, no less. So, if you happen to have this obscure network (which I do), then you'll get to enjoy Semi-Finals action! Today, we have Serbia vs. Turkey, and Team USA vs. Lithuania. Who will get to the final?


1. Team USA (Group B) vs. 1. Lithuania (Group D)

Time: 11:00 AM Central Standard Time

Network: ESPN Classic

Analysis/Prediction: Team USA, put simply, has ten times the talent that Lithuania does. And because of this, they should be able to secure a victory. If Lithuania is able to secure some good three point shots, they should stay in the game for a half-or so, but I see the US winning by 15.

1. Serbia (Group A) vs. 1. Turkey (Group C)

Time: 1:00 PM Central Standard Time

Network: ESPN Classic

Analysis/Prediction: This one is a tough one. Turkey has looked unstoppable, but you have to admire Serbia's ability to pull it out in the end against other teams. Still, I just don't see Serbia winning this game. In their last game, they had horrible free throw shooting, has a peripheral player absolutely explode in order for them to win, and they rely too much on Nenad Krstic, who is capable of off-nights. I'll say Turkey by about 10.

If you're watching the games, feel free to post your reaction to them in the comments section here!