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Traber fans are still stunned..........

The first round has come to a close. It featured nail-biters and boring clunkers. We laughed, we cried, we ranted, and we voted...and voted, and voted some more. We also lost a lot of dead weight in the past round – games promise to be much tougher from here on out. Here is a look at the schedule for the regional semifinals:


Bob Barry, Sr. Regional


Thursday, August 5: #1 Al Eschbach vs #9 John Rohde


Friday, August 6: #4 Dean Blevins vs #5 Bob Barry, Jr.


Bill Teegins Regional


Saturday, August 7: #3 Berry Tramel vs #6 Matt Pinto


Sunday, August 8: #10 Toby Rowland vs #15 Myron Patton


I could blabber on and on about how each individual game in the first round went down, but I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 273 total votes were cast in the first round

  • Of the eight media members remaining, four regularly appear on WWLS, six are affiliated with the network, and all of them have acted as host or guest host of a radio show at some point.

  • The closest match of the first round was between (2) Jim Traber and (15) Myron Patton (decided by two votes)

  • The biggest blowouts of the first round were between (5) Bob Barry, Jr. and (12) Mark Rodgers and (4) Dean Blevins and (13) Craig Humphreys (each decided by eleven votes)

  • The top 4 vote-getters in the first round were (1) Al Eschbach (28 votes), (5) Bob Barry, Jr. (24 votes), (15) Myron Patton, and (16) Daniel Holdge (each with 23 votes)

  • The lowest 3 vote-getters in the first round were (11) Pat Jones (6 votes), (13) Craig Humphreys (8 votes), and (14) Jenni Carlson (10 votes)

  • Both of the media members with KREF radio shows advanced to the second round, and one is guaranteed to go to the Final Four

  • The only local news network no longer represented is Channel 5


Now, ranking the match-ups of the second round:


  1. Dean Blevins vs Bob Barry, Jr: A battle to determine the top network sports director in Oklahoma City. The winner may very well advance to the championship.

  2. Berry Tramel vs Matt Pinto: Matt Pinto was able to continue into the second round, but he wasn't exactly impressive. Facing a much tougher opponent this go-around, it'll be interesting to see if voters go for the long-time presence or the new-comer.

  3. Al Eschbach vs John Rohde: Lets face it, John Rohde isn't the most exciting guy in this bracket. It basically comes down to a popularity contest for Al, can the haters trump the supporters?

  4. Toby Rowland vs Myron Patton: Hmmm, betting a good number of people have never even heard of these guys. However, if you're into the sports media "underground" in OKC, this is your Super Bowl. The winner will continue their Cinderella run to the Final Four