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FIBA Worlds: Games To Watch/Open Thread 29.8.10

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Jose Juan Barea (Mavericks) will be trying to lead Puerto Rico past Greece in today's game of the day. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Jose Juan Barea (Mavericks) will be trying to lead Puerto Rico past Greece in today's game of the day. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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Hey! Check out a rewind of yesterday's action and a preview of Group B below!

Feel free to post your thoughts about the games in the comments section.

The 2010 FIBA World Championships roll on as they begin their second day of full action. This is a general guide to the games of today, and shouldn't necessarily be taken as a command to watch every single game on the list. Rather, think of it as a friendly introduction to international basketball, allowing you to more easily select a game to watch that suits your viewing style from the best games available.

Below are the Scheduled Games for Thunder Players, plus 3 Other Games to Watch and What Else is on TV. If a game is not listed here, that means it isn't on TV, it has no Thunder players, and it wasn't considered important enough to be in the Top 3 other games for today. You can find a full schedule of the games here (subtract 8 from a time to get it in Central Time). If you're wondering why a top team isn't on the watch list for today, it's because they're probably playing a cream puff opponent.

Thunder Team Games:

Team USA (Durant, Westbrook) vs. Slovenia:

Time: 8:30 AM Central Standard Time (Replay at 5 PM on ESPN 2 and 7/10 PM on NBATV)

Network: ESPN 2

Analysis/Prediction: It's a rematch of the game Team USA played against those guys in Charlie Brown shirts. That's right, the game they lost. I have no doubt that Team USA can avenge that loss, and should win this game by 20 or so.

Serbia (Without Krstic) vs. Germany (Pleiss)

Time: 11:00 AM Central Standard Time

Network: ESPN 3 Only

Analysis/Prediction: Germany will have a true chance to test their might against a depleted Serbian team without its' two top scorers. Unfortunately, one of those players is Nenad Krstic, so we won't get to fulfill our dream of a Krstic/Pleiss matchup. Still, it will be a good game, as whomever wins will secure themselves a spot in the Knockout Round. Still, the Serbian team is fierce, with top scorers like Alexandar Rasic. Expect this to be a high scoring battle with lots of outside shots in which Serbia narrowly comes out on top.

Below: Other Games to Watch! What else is on TV?

3 Other Games to Watch:

3. Russia vs. Turkey

Time: 1:00 PM Central Standard Time

Network: ESPN 3 Only

Analysis/Prediction: Russia turned a few heads by winning against Puerto Rico yesterday, and in order to have a serious chance at winning the group, they'll have to lock it down today against Turkey. Turkey is a very capable team that has an outside shot at winning the group themselves, led by Hedo Turkoglu (Magic), Ersan Ilaysova (Bucks), and Omer Onan (Domestic). Normally, I'd go with Turkey here, but after yesterdays result, I have to go with Russia.

2. Argentina vs. Australia

Time: 1:30 PM Central Standard Time

Network: ESPN 3 Only

Analysis/Prediction: Both of these teams are coming off of games that were almost losses to inferior teams. Argentina got a scare from Germany, and Australia beat Jordan by only a point. Here, they both have chances to redeem themselves and prove that they're a legitimate team in the group. Argentina will probably win this one by a mile, but after yesterday's game, I have my doubts. Keep your eye on a potential Australian upset here.

1. Greece vs. Puerto Rico

Time: 10:30 AM Central Standard Time

Network: NBATV

Analysis/Prediction: Puerto Rico disappointed in the opening round by losing to a mostly domestic Russian team, after being one of the strongest teams to come out of the Americas. Here, they'll get a chance to prove themselves against a depleted Greek team that will still be missing Antonis Fotsis and Soforkis Schortanitis, two of their big men in the paint. If Greece wins, they could well be on their way to sweeping the Group. If Puerto Rico wins, the Group will still be very much in the air. Expect an intense game with a lot of guard play, and expect Puerto Rico to narrowly come out on top.

What Else is on TV?:

New Zealand vs. Spain

Time: 1:00 PM Central Standard Time

Network: NBATV

Analysis/Prediction: Unless you're stuck to TV only or are a huge Spain fan, this game isn't worth your time. Spain is coming off of a demoralizing loss to France, so they'll probably bounce back by overkilling New Zealand, who really doesn't stand much of a chance. I'm sure the game will have some nice highlights though.

Note: The previews above are just meant to be short blurbs of why you should watch the game. Don't take it as in-depth analysis. For that, go to my previews of the respective groups.