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Adonal Foyle Retires from the NBA

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I'm sure some of you have wondered who that glowing guy in my avatar is. Well, it's Adonal Foyle, my favourite player in the NBA. If you do know him, you probably know him as a defensively good center whose offense leaves something to be desired.

But he was always and will continue to be much more than that. He runs a camp in his home country to help kids learn to play basketball, and he founded an organization called Democracy Matters, where he tries to make public office more accessible to those without vast fortunes. He is also a big supporter of Read to Achieve and other NBA good will organizations.

This is a sad day in my life indeed. While he'll never get the ring I always wished he would, or made an All-Star game, the important thing is that his impact on the world will be much larger than that. While it's always fun to watch Adonal block a shot, badly miss a jumper, or clank a dunk, in 20 years, I guarantee you we'll talk much more about the things Adonal is doing to help his home country and democracy in the United States rather than his actions on the court. And deep down, I always knew that was why he is my favourite player.