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Ode to Grand Champion Berry Tramel

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It was a hard fought battle. Earlier in the day it seemed certain that Al would wrap up the tournament by a comfortable margin, but a late surge by Berry Tramel resulted in the toppling of the top seed. Its been almost three weeks, and here we are! As voted by you, the reader, I am pleased to present Berry Tramel with the illustrious title of best sports media personality in Oklahoma City. Please, enjoy the sampling of Berry Tramel works, moments, and images below: 




Round 1: #3) Berry Tramel 64%, #14) Jenni Carlson 35%


Round 2: #3) Berry Tramel 50%, #6) Matt Pinto 50%


Round 3: #3) Berry Tramel 48%, #6) Matt Pinto 35%, #15) Myron Patton 16%


Round 4:#1) Al Eschbach 42%, #3) Berry Tramel 57%



Read This:

Berry's article from Friday. Examine some work from his actual job.


Watch This:

Berry talking about misplaced anger on the city of Oklahoma City.

OKC Bias (via theclaymate)

Listen To This:

Highly recommended. Al, Jim, and Berry have a heated conversation about college football scheduling. I'd say Tram wins round one (before the commercial) but Al and Jim dominate round two, though Berry has a strong finish.

Al, Jim, and Berry



Thank you for all of your participation! I hope you enjoyed the tournament.