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Bill Teegins Regional Final: Pinto vs. Tramel vs. Patton

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(Note: Voting will go from 12:45 AM to 12:45 AM due to video problems.)

As I'm looking at it, after a day of intense voting, Al Eschbach has moved into a commanding lead late against Bob Barry, Jr. That means there's only one more matchup to go before we have the final, and it's all decided by you! Who will go on to face Al Eschbach in a battle for Total Oklahoma City Sports Personality Dominance? Matt Pinto, Barry Tramel, or Myron Patton?

Analysis below!

#6) Matt Pinto

Bid: At-Large

Resume: Thunder Radio Play-By-Play. WWLS Contributor.

Why he should win: The most obvious reason is that he is the radio play-by-play voice of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and that this is an Oklahoma City Thunder website. But, other than that, he probably has the toughest job out of all of the contestants in the bracket. Seriously. He has no colour personality to help him out, so he has to keep consistent talking going on during Thunder games, even during lulls in the action. Also, he's probably the most knowledgeable personality out there when it comes to the Thunder and the NBA.

Why he should lose: Let's face it; this guy is a one trick pony. I've never heard him talk about anything but the Thunder, and he always gives a positive spin on things. When the Thunder start going sour, will his analysis be as on point? When do we ever get to know the man behind the mask? To some, it's a mark of professional journalism. To others, it's a reason for him to lose. Oh, and having a phone interview on a TV show (as shown above) is pretty shoddy.

#3) Berry Tramel

Bid: Automatic (The Oklahoman)

Resume: Columnist for The Oklahoman. Co-host of The Total Dominance Hour. WWLS contributor.

Why he should win: Barry Tramel is probably the most versatile guy in the business while being able to stay knowledgable. While you can talk about anything with Jim Traber, his knowledge gets kind of thin when you venture away from Baseball and the Steelers. Same with Al Eschbach. But, with Barry Tramel, you're getting a guy who knows the most about the sports that are important to Oklahomans. He's also probably the best writer for the Oklahoman, but I haven't read the Oklahoman since I was a kid, so anything I said about his columns would be baloney. Why don't I read the newspaper? Because it's garbage!

Why he should lose: He doesn't really have the voice for radio, so he always gets drowned out when having to argue with a personality like Jim Traber or Al Eschbach. While his knowledge is good all-around, he's only really slightly ahead of Al and Jim when it comes to the NBA. More than most Oklahomans, but still not anywhere near a Matt Pinto level. He's also pretty behind the times when it comes to technology, considering how much he hates message boards, as he states in the above video. (Eyeroll.)

#15) Myron Patton

Bid: Automatic. (FOX 25)

Resume: FOX 25 Sports Director. Afternoon Sports Talk Host for KREF.

Why he should win: Let's face it. I really don't know anything about this guy. OKLuschen would be much more suited to this. I never watch FOX 25 (aside from a Simpsons Rerun once in a blue moon), and I never listen to KREF. So, all I know about this man came from the footage I captured of him doing sports tonight, which can be seen above. He seems a capable sportscaster, and worked through his words well. Also, he's got the allure of being a 15 seed. No 15 seed has ever made it to the championship game in real life. Can you make it happen here?

Why he should lose: Let's face it again. He's a grasshopper trying to defeat giants. The fact that I'd never heard of him until he was mentioned to me by OKLuschen should be an indication as to how well known he is around these parts. Also, from what I've heard, he's a Laker fan! Do you really want a Laker fan to win this tournament?


Analysis: While Myron Patton is a grizzled underdog, I don't think he has a snowballs chance in hell here. The real battle will be between Matt Pinto and Barry Tramel. And, as they tied last time, it's anyones game. But, seeing as how this is a Thunder site, I think Matt Pinto will pull out in the end, and advance to the finals as a 6 seed. Not bad, eh?


Ode to Bill Teegins: Bill Teegins was selected as the namesake of this region because he was a once prominent Oklahoma City Journalist who would be in this tournament today had he not died in a tragic plane crash in 2003. While I'm too young to remember his journalistic style and opinions, I do remember he was a mainstay aside Dean Blevins during the News 9 Sportscasts, and that Dean remembers him fondly. Dean informed the audience at the end of his sportscast the day after Bill Teegins died that "his [Bill's] chair will always remain empty." Indeed, he will be remembered for a long time to come. We'll never forget you, Bill.