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Bob Barry, Sr. Regional Final: Eschbach vs. Barry, Jr.

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We're finally down to the Final Four (Err....5) Oklahoma City Sports Media Personalities in the Oklahoma City Sports Media Spectacular. Today we have a clash of the titans, as two of the most recognizable faces in Oklahoma City Sports Media go head to head in a battle of popularity. Who will win? You decide.

#1) Al Eschbach

Bid:Automatic (WWLS)

Resume: Host of Inside Sports and co-host of The Total Dominance Hour

Why he should win: He's the unquestioned king of sports radio in Oklahoma City, keeping a complete lockdown on the primetime slots. He's also never afraid to "go there" and ask the tough questions of whomever he interviews....whether they be on topic or not. He's also a very worldly person, who seems to find a new country to go to every year. Lastly, he's never beyond selling himself for some cheap humor, as evidenced by the video above.

Why he should lose: He doesn't know much about sports that he doesn't keep track of....which could be everything but OU Football and Norman North, depending on whom you ask. He'll let a caller have their say, but sometimes he'll come off sounding rude and uncaring of their opinions.

#5) Bob Barry, Jr.

Bid: Automatic. (KFOR)

Resume: KFOR sports director. Host of Sports Morning on WWLS.

Why he should win: To me, BBJ has always been the face of Sports in Oklahoma City. I grew up watching him on Channel 4, so I always got the local news sports scores from him, his dad....or Van Shea Iven or Brian Brinkley. But the later two don't matter. He also keeps the most on point radio show in Oklahoma City, while bringing in two of the best analysts in their respective fields, Pat Jones and Matt Pinto. Lastly, he's very good at keeping things together in times of journalistic crisis, as demonstrated when he tries to find an OU Quarterback in the above video. (Skip to 1:44)

Why he should lose: It's hard for me to say, since BBJ is my favourite to win the whole thing. But he does have his downpoints. He never talks about himself, and always refuses to do so when approached, making him almost seem less human. Some people might never see him, as he hosts Sports Morning, a show that runs while people at work, and anchors newscasts that only old people watch. These days, most people just look to the internet for their sports scores.


Analysis: I think that BBJ has the upper hand here. Al Eschbach may be able to slide past two nobodies, but when he actually has to face someone who actually has a bit of a fan base and a relative lack of haters, he'll lose the matchup quite quickly. What's notable about this matchup is that these are the only two remaining WWLS personalities who host their own show. So, which is the better show? Sports Morning with BBJ, or Dominance/Inside Sports with Al Eschbach?


Ode to Bob Barry, Sr.: Bob Barry, Sr. was named for this region as he was one of the pioneers of Oklahoma City Sports media. Anchor of the Channel 4 newscasts and radio voice of the Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys for years, he's well known in the area, especially among older folk. He does the play-by-play with a youthful voice and excitement, and definitely does his research before every game. Though now semi-retired, he will forever live on as a legend of OKC Sports Media.