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Round 1, Day 6: Pinto vs Jones

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Today's game is a battle between conflicting styles. As much traveled sportscaster who works very hard at perfecting his craft, Matt Pinto offers a stark contrast to the old school Pat Jones, a football coach who likely never pictured himself working with the same pundits that once gave him headaches. See the complete match breakdown below.

#6) Matt Pinto


Bid: At-Large

Resume: ThunderRadio Play-By-Play. WWLS Contributor.

Why He Should Win: The mere fact that he can call a whole NBA game by himself, even while sick, is reason enough to vote him on. I mean, I'm for the addition of a color guy on the radio broadcast, but it isn't because Pinto isn't doing a good job, its because I get tired of listening to one guy all the time. Still, if they never add anyone else, you won't hear me complaining. Of all the people in this field, I think he has the most national feel, meaning he doesn't go off on hot-headed tirades or get side-tracked talking about how he hates mowing the lawn. Easily the most knowledgeable NBA mind in local sports media.

Why He Should Lose: He hasn't been around for a long time, not in this city or state anyway. He doesn't have many opportunities to express his opinion and is pretty Thunder-centric. Its also possible that you hate his play-by-plays, for whatever reason.

March Madness Comparison: Marquette. A sexy pick to make a deeper than expected run

#11) Pat Jones


Bid: At-Large

Resume: Co-Host of Sports Morning. Studio Analyst for Fox Southwest's College Football Coverage. Former OSU head coach.

Why He Should Win: Oklahoma loves football. No one in the tournament is more familiar with the inner-workings of the game and what goes on in coaching offices and locker rooms than the former coach himself. He's experienced not only in the college game, but in the NFL as well. He's definitely old school, if you're one of those kinda guys.

Why He Should Lose: If you don't like old school, then count him out. He's against replay in almost anything. He's not a trained media guy, but was thrown into the business because of the insight he offered and his personality. OU fans may want to vote against him because he brought the rival more wins than any other coach. OSU fans may want to vote against him because he brought more losses than any other coach...

March Madness Comparison: Temple. New success is a reminder of past glory.