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Loud Links: 07|06|10

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Thunder notebook: Serge Ibaka sustains ankle sprain, listed as day-to-day |
The Thunder got a major scare late in Monday's win over Boston. But when forward Serge Ibaka was diagnosed with just a sprained left ankle, the entire organization could sigh in relief.

Storm-safe room inside new practice facility another benefit for Thunder |
Krstic was asked the biggest natural disasters threats in Serbia. "We really don't have any of that, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes," Krstic said. "We only have wars."

James Harden working on his defense, hoping to crack the starting lineup |
"It needs to improve every single day," Harden said of his defense. "I need to show them that I can really get after it and that I improved over the past year and into this summer. That's the key. Our whole motive is defense."

Weird Thought of the Day:

Orlando Pro Summer League Day 1: Thoughts and Tidbits | Howard the Dunk | An Orlando Magic Blog
I would definitely pay to see [Jeff] Adrien and Serge Ibaka in an MMA fight.

Yeah, my money's still on Serge.

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