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Loud Links: 07|05|10

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Thunder notebook: Brian Keefe to coach summer league |
DeVon Hardin, the 50th overall pick in the 2008 draft, is playing for Philadelphia this week. The Thunder, however, still owns Hardin's draft rights.

OKC Thunder Summer League Roster - Ridiculous Upside
In continuing the series of spending way too much time telling you more than you need to know about players that don't have NBA contracts, I present the Oklahoma City Thunder Summer League roster in excruciating detail.

Thunder Insider: OKC proceeding with caution in free agency, contract negotiations |
With so much uncertainty surrounding the new CBA, we could see Durant become the only player from the 2007 draft class to be given an extension this summer. 2010 NBA Summer League schedule
Below is the schedule for the 2010 Orlando Summer League (July 5-9) and the 2010 Las Vegas Summer League (July 9-18). * Indicates live on NBA TV [FYI - Friday's game is not televised.]