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Loud Links: 07|18|10 - Boring Summer Edition

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Jenni Carlson: Things are looking up for Cole Aldrich and his parents |
This has been a tough time for the Aldrich family. Like millions of Americans during this recession, Walt and Kathy have been unemployed for a time during the past couple years. But things are looking up — Cole Aldrich is the newest member of the Thunder. "I'll be able to help them out a little bit," Aldrich said of his parents. "They've helped me out so much getting me prepared to finally live out my dream."

Florida State's Ryan Reid goes on improbable journey -
Ryan Reid and some of his former teammates at Florida State gathered around a TV last month, tuned into the NBA Draft. Reid said earlier this week he figured he'd watch to find out where Solomon Alabi, the Seminoles' 7-foot-1 center, would be selected. Then, not long after Alabi went towards the end of the second round, a weird thing happened. Reid, a 6-foot-8 forward, heard his name announced and saw it appear on screen. The Indiana Pacers had drafted him with the 57th pick and then traded him to Oklahoma City.

What to make of Lord Byron at this point? | Daily
I’m not sure it’s possible to actually impress people at summer league, when you really think about it. But if you had to thumb one Thunder player for standing out, I guess it would’ve been Byron Mullens.

James Harden looked OK, but went 1-17 from 3 and didn’t really look "improved". He just looked more comfortable and aggressive, which are definitely good things. Eric Maynor was great, but we already know that he can be a steady point guard. No flash, just a quality line. D.J. White was himself, Cole Aldrich didn’t play and Serge Ibaka only played a game.

So almost by the process of elimination, Mullens was a guy that caught some attention, if not just because he just looked better.