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Thunder Actively Trying to Move Into Lottery

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Per Chad Ford's ESPN NBA Draft blog, league sources have the Thunder (along with the Pistons and the Spurs) pinned as the team most aggressively trying to move up into the lottery for the upcoming draft. The report doesn't get into specifics regarding what prospect the Thunder would be targeting, but confirms that the "Thunder are also in the hunt for a big, and have targeted a few teams in the lottery to move up a few spots. The Thunder have multiple picks to offer". This draft isn't particularly deep with front court depth, and it appears Sam Presti is willing to package our 2 late-first rounders in order to move up and get a quality big. We can only speculate as to who the Thunder are targeting, but the "bigs" currently projected to go in the lottery are Demarcus Cousins, Derek Favors, Greg Monroe, Ekpe Udoh, Cole Aldrich, Ed Davis, and potentially Patrick Patterson, Hassan Whiteside, and Daniel Orton. Presti's track record suggests he wouldn't target someone with a red-flag for character (ruling out Cousins), and with Byron Mullens already on the roster, it's unlikely we'd take another "project" (ruling out Whiteside). With that being said, I'd say the most likely players to be targeted would be more refined products such as Favors, Monroe, Udoh, or Aldrich.