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Mo Cheeks and Ron Adams to Chicago?!?!

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Cheeks and Adams to become assistants? - Chicago Bulls Confidential
Per Sam Smith: There have been other reports of a three-year deal similar to the contract Del Negro worked under and that former Chicago prep star and 76ers All Star Mo Cheeks and former Bulls assistant Ron Adams, both now on the staff of the Oklahoma City Thunder, could work with Thibodeau. Another source, whose information could not be confirmed, said Thibodeau has been given an informal offer in preparation for working out an official deal.

Sam adds on to the pile that the Bulls are close to closing a deal with Thibodeau as an informal offer may have been made, but interestingly, he states that Mo Cheeks (what a porn name) and Ron Adams might become assistants for the Bulls as well.

I really hope this is just speculation. I was worried about Mo cheeks leaving, not it seem that Ron Adams might leave as well. Well, maybe Kevin Ollie will stick around as an assistant coach.