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Loud Links: 06|30|10

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Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder not talking about contract extension talks - ESPN
Durant and the Thunder can begin negotiations on a long-term contract extension late Wednesday. It's be his first chance to cash in big-time on his budding NBA stardom, which has brought him the Rookie of the Year award, a selection to last year's All-Star game and finally the scoring title at age 21. Just hours before the negotiations could start, Durant had no interest in airing his demands publicly. "We'll see," Durant said. "We'll talk about that tomorrow if it happens."

Aldrich, Henry relaxed in meeting with media on day before NBA draft /
When asked how he would sell himself to NBA teams if given the chance, Alrdich showed a little more savvy than most expect the Bloomington, Minn., native to have.

"I’d tell them to watch the Lakers-Celtics, Game 7," said Aldrich, referring to the recent NBA Finals. "That game was all about defense, the big guys were in there banging. And that’s what I love to do. I think that’s what I’ll be able to contribute the most at the next level."

THUNDER: To China And Back, Durant Remains Busy This Summer
"That’s what I wanted to do, was let people know who we are as a group," Durant said. "I’m big on team. I’m big on my teammates and letting everyone know we’re a family and just more than teammates. Nike did a great job of helping me with that. They know my vision and know what I believe in so I just try to get us out there as much as possible. I’m sure we gained a couple of more fans out there in China."

Thunder summer league games to be televised |
Oklahoma City Thunder fans needing a summer fix are in luck. NBA TV will be televising all of the Thunder's summer league games in Orlando. The summer league begins Monday and ends July 9.