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Mo Pete wishes to stick around

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Shortly after the #11 pick in the NBA Draft there was an announcement that Morris Peterson and Cole Aldrich was traded to the Thunder. Initially, I had no idea of what Morris Peterson could offer to Oklahoma City. I've watched the internet speculation all day and tried to get a better understand of what Mo could be to such a young team.

Morris Peterson is a 10 year NBA veteran. Mo Pete hasn't consistently started since his first season with New Orleans in 2007-08. Peterson is a 37% career 3pt shooter. Not I expect his shooting to provide much to our offense, but every bit can help. I've even heard he can play a little D.

What really caught my attention was his Twitter page:

Morris Peterson (mopete24) on Twitter
Bio: God fearing, family and Goal Oriented young man who loves life. negative energy doesnt sit well with me. Im blessed and i live my life to bless others..

Mo seemed really excited to be on the team:

Twitter / Morris Peterson :
Shout out to my new team the Oklahoma City Thunder @kdthunderup @russwest44 @EMaynor3 the rest of the team and rook @colea45! Let's do this!

Then Mo several responses to fans that followed his former teams the Raptors and Hornets:


Twitter / Morris Peterson :
RT @nanak87: @mopete24 we're going to miss u in new Orleans. Good luck!! <-- Thank you miss you as well!

Twitter / Morris Peterson :
RT @snaftastic: @mopete24 Good Luck Mo Pete! You will forever be one of the best raptors in my heart <-- Thank you! Love to Canada!

Twitter / Morris Peterson :
RT @smoothsaad: The only player I follow after he was traded from the raps is @mopete24, the brotha is legit <-- Thank you!

Then I seen this NewsOK article:

Morris Peterson: "I definitely want to be in Oklahoma City" |
"I definitely want to be in Oklahoma City," Peterson said. "They've got great fan support, a class organization. And they're a team that's on the rise and I feel like I can come and give them some veteran leadership and help with my basketball skills."

Peterson seems like the classy mentor type that Presti seems to pick up every season. There has been much speculation about Mo Pete possibly being bought out, but with all signs pointing to Pleiss heading to Europe (and Williams to the D-League) there really isn't a need to drop Peterson. Like he mentioned in the NewsOK article, Peterson can provide a little leadership and I have a feeling he's going to stick around (at least until the trade deadline).