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What would you trade/do?

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As a caveat, this is all rumination and somewhat mindless thinking from my end. The focus is summed up in the poll below, so for those of you who don't care to read this little passage of text, skip to the bottom and just enter your opinion -- or better yet, post your iteration and explain.

Nobody knows what the Thunder will do come Draft Day. Probably not even Presti himself, though he no doubt has some different potential possibilities lined up. As armchair GM types, we get to sit back and throw out some ideas. Over at Daily Thunder they posted the potential idea of trading up to snag Cousins (or failing that, Monroe). To move up that far, it's pretty obvious that we'd have to trade a real asset (example: Jeff Green), some good pieces, our draft picks, and then perhaps take on some salary and -- heck, while we're at it -- the kitchen sink. Herein lies the question posed to the reader: What would be worth it? Who would be worth it? We'll keep it simple and just discuss moving up to that 4-6 range for Cousins or Monroe.