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Loud Links: 06|17|10

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Twitter / Jonathan Givony:
Daniel Orton has canceled all six of his remaining workouts, according to an NBA source. Speculation is that he may have a promise from OKC

Twitter / Mike Wells:
Indy could throw 1st big wrinkle in draft. They're high on Daniel Orton, according to a source. They've scheduled 2nd workout with him.

Kevin Durant Dazzles in Day Two Performance at D.C. Goodman League
There's not too many ballers who could drop 30 points after entering a game late and fresh off the street, but Kevin Durant is one of the privileged few.

The Oklahoma City small forward arrived five minutes into the evening’s twilight game between his Awash squad and Team H.O.B.O. wearing a Raiders cap and a black tee, but it didn’t take long for him to get suited up and thrown into the action.

Raptors & Thunder: A Match Made In Heaven | Dime Magazine
It appears that the Thunder have already turned down Colangelo’s overtures about buying one of their late first rounders (21 and 26), but Sam Presti and his staff should rethink their decision. Presti has done a remarkable job building up the Thunder through the Draft, acquiring multiple first-round picks over the years that have produced the likes of Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and James Harden. Those five guys are going to be the core in Oklahoma City for the next ten years (assuming they stay together), and adding a player at No. 27 who won’t contribute right away is not the right move.

In addition to the five players mentioned above, the Thunder also have D.J. White, Eric Maynor, Kyle Weaver and B.J. Mullens on their rookie contracts. These guys still need to develop, and will most likely be ahead on the depth chart of anyone OKC picks up in the late 20’s. Presti needs to sell their pick for cash to the Raptors. The Raptors can pay up to $3 million for the pick, and Presti can use that money to sign a mid-level free agent who can come in and play right away, opposed to a guy who will likely be brought along slowly like Maynor, Mullens and White.

2010 NBA Draft: Who Ya Got, Larry Sanders or Daniel Orton? |
Daniel Orton will give you a stronger, more reliable presence in the post than Larry Sanders can give you. Sanders is very athletic for his size and can be good as a slasher or in transition, but he will struggle greatly going against NBA-size forwards and centers down low. And since he doesn’t have much of a face up game or a reliable jump shot, he won’t be able to make those bigger players pay for sagging off him, which effectively neutralizes his athleticism.

2010 NBA Mock Draft, Version 5.0 - ESPN Insider
21. Oklahoma City Thunder - Daniel Orton is a bit of an enigma. His 3 ppg and 3 rpg as a freshman at Kentucky certainly won't wow you. But he's got the raw tools to be a successful big man in the pros. The Thunder were among the teams that were on him early and they might just get lucky and get him here. While Orton is in the discussion starting at the 10th pick, concerns about his knees and his relative lack of playing time over the course of the past two seasons are weighing on teams. He could easily end up in the lottery, but I doubt he slips further than this.

Serge Ibaka of Oklahoma City Thunder should improve as sophomores - Fantasy Basketball - ESPN
Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder: Ibaka received more minutes in the playoffs (25.5, up from 18.1 during the regular season) for two reasons. First, the Thunder needed his size and athleticism against the Lakers' rangy front line. Second, and more importantly for those of us concerned with his fantasy numbers, he's clearly the Thunder's most productive big man. He has an expanding post game, is a tenacious rebounder, is a great shot-blocker and seems to be an improving free-throw shooter. All of these things bode well for his numbers next season, and I think his shot-blocking ability means he's got a chance to make a major leap into the fantasy top-50 next season. He's not worth drafting quite that high, but I can't argue with taking a chance on him in your draft.

2010 NBA Draft: Trade Ideas for Golden State's Sixth Overall Pick | Bleacher Report
Trade Idea No. 2

Warriors get Jeff Green, the 26th and 32nd overall picks, and a lottery-protected 2012 first rounder.

Zombie Sonics get Brandan Wright and the sixth and 34th overall picks.

Philadelphia 76ers trade center Samuel Dalembert to Sacramento Kings - ESPN
The Philadelphia 76ers traded Dalembert to the Sacramento Kings on Thursday for Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes.