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The NBA Tonight: Cavaliers at Celtics, Suns at Spurs

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This is a new feature that I'll be rolling out through the duration of the NBA Playoffs. It's basically a tool for all you die hards that want to follow the NBA while the Thunder are out of contention. I'll throw down some analysis for each game, things to look for, and a prediction. Feel free to use this as an open thread for discussing the night's games, how the playoffs are going in general, or how much you'd love to have Dwight Howard on the Thunder.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers at 4. Boston Celtics

6PM Central Daylight Time, Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN)

Series Tied 1-1.

Was it really only Monday that the Celtics stole game 2 from the Cavaliers? Time moves fast in the NBA. Regardless, the Celtics are ready for Game 3, and expect it to be tight. Both teams have made their statements, and LeBron James knows he can't lose this game. Even if the rest of the Cavaliers lag behind, I know that LeBron will find a way to keep the Cavaliers in this game until the end. But I think that Boston will pull through when it comes down to it, because their players are more motivated and less broken. I mean, they've got 5 legitimate threats on their team, and the Cavaliers have 3. You do the Math. The Cavaliers will win game 4, though.

Prediction: Celtics 103, Cavaliers 101

3. Phoenix Suns at 7. San Antonio Spurs

8:30PM Central Daylight Time, Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN)

Suns Lead the Series 2-0.

It's Judgement Day for the Spurs. Can the team that's done so well in the past have one more run at the title? Or is this their last season together. San Antonio management has been tight-lipped about the issue, but with the West getting more and more competitive, how next season will turn out is anyone's guess. But with their backs against the wall, I think that the Spurs can pull though. All of the games have been close so far, so all it will take is a nice, round team effort to seal the deal for the Spurs. Plus, it was almost impossible for the Suns to lose on "Los Suns" night.

Prediction: Spurs 109, Suns 102

How do you think the games will go? Leave a comment and let us know.