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The NBA Tonight: Hawks at Magic (6.5.10)

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This is a new feature that I'll be rolling out through the duration of the NBA Playoffs. It's basically a tool for all you die hards that want to follow the NBA while the Thunder are out of contention. I'll throw down some analysis for each game, things to look for, and a prediction. Feel free to use this as an open thread for discussing the night's games, how the playoffs are going in general, or how much you'd love to have Dwight Howard on the Thunder.

3. Atlanta Hawks at 2. Orlando Magic

7:00 PM Central Daylight Time, Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN)

Magic Lead the Series 1-0

Could I have been more wrong about the result of Game 1? Yes, but I was still pretty wrong. What I predicted to be an exciting Hawks upset turned into a Magic blowout. A 43 Point blowout. It was pretty much as all Hawks-Magic games have been this season. But you know me, I never listen to reason. Anyway, the game's end result didn't look like it was the fault of one player, it was just a huge lack of effort by the entire team. But if the Hawks want to have any shot at winning this series, it will have to start with Al Horford. You can't let Dwight Howard get 21 and 12 on you while scoring only 4 points yourself. I mean, Jamal "Just Throw It Up There" Crawford going 1-11 is one thing, but your center going 1-7 is another. don't get me wrong, the guards have some work to do as well, but if Dwight Howard can score almost a point a minute and a rebound every two minutes, the other team doesn't have much hope of winning. Thus, I'm predicting the Magic to win this game. If I predicted the Hawks to win this game, I'd just be a fool.

Prediction: Magic 111, Hawks 100

How do you think the games will go? Leave a comment and let us know.