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Loud Links: 05|17|10

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Russell Westbrook is more than a point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder |
Even though he plays on a team that features Kevin Durant, the league’s leading scorer this season, does Westbrook feel there will be times in 2010-2011 that he needs to be Oklahoma City’s No. 1 scoring option? "Not at all," Westbrook said. "First and foremost, I’m a point guard. Kevin is an unbelievable scorer, one of the best scorers in this game. You have to give guys with great talent an opportunity (to score)."

Former Bull Thabo Sefolosha lists Northbrook 3BD | BlockShopper Chicago
Thabo Sefolosha has listed for sale a three-bedroom, two-bath home at 2292 Royal Ridge Drive in Northbrook for $599,000. The 2,511-square-foot house was built in 2000 in the East Northbrook neighborhood. It is located in Royal Ridge subdivision. Lynn Romanek-Holstein of Romanek Residential Properties is the listing agent for the home. Sefolosha is a guard with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The former Chicago Bull was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the 2006 draft and traded to the Bulls on draft day.

SLAM ONLINE | " Top 5 Shooting Guard Prospects, Vol. 2
4) (NR) Elliot Williams | Memphis | Sophomore After playing a supporting role his freshman season with Duke, Elliot Williams took a starring role this past year with Memphis (he transferred last summer due to a family medical issue). The lefty proved ready for his leading role, posting a solid 18-4-4 stat line for the season. Despite being only 6-4, he has long arms so playing the 2-guard spot won’t be an issue in the pros. However, whichever team grabs him late in the first round need to force him to improve his right hand.

Thunder: Former coach P.J. Carlesimo speaks | John Rohde
"I don’t think anybody saw this coming, except the (Thunder) players and the coaches. In my opinion, they’re certainly ahead of schedule. People believed how talented and young they were and that eventually they would become a good team. When they got (Serge) Ibaka and (Thabo) Sefolosha is what really jump-started the whole thing. Thabo in particular gave them a perimeter defender, which helped a lot. It also made the defensive matchups a lot better for Kevin (Durant) and Jeff (Green). The trades and acquisitions helped tremendously. The rest was just natural."