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Loud Links: 05|12|10

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With his orange sneaks on, Miami's Dwayne Collins shows he would be a good fit for the Thunder.
With his orange sneaks on, Miami's Dwayne Collins shows he would be a good fit for the Thunder.

Day 1 At Impact Basketball - Hoopsworld
James Anderson: Anderson was everything advertised. He's clearly the best of the bunch in terms of pro appeal. James can shoot the ball incredibly well; he fits the proto-type two guard spot at the NBA level and has the physical tools to play in the NBA for a long time.

Sharron Collins: He is extremely smart and he has a pull up mid-range game that's impressive. Collins was a bit quicker than I expected, and he looks "fluffy" from a far, however when the shirt comes off, he is far from fluffy. He has a good build.

Armon Johnson: He is the fastest guy in the gym. I'd take him in a foot race against Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook, I think he'd give Leandro Barbosa a run for his money.

Dwayne Collins: Dwayne is a MONSTER around the basket. His outside touch is a little suspect, but when you have a power game like Collins has, there is no need for an outside jumper – although it wasn't terrible by any stretch. The best NBA comparison would be DeJuan Blair meets Dwight Howard.

Well, Dwayne Collins sounds much more interesting now. Make sure you visit Hoopsworld to read the full article. Devin Ebanks, Craig Brackins, Stanley Robinson, Avery Bradley, and Lance Stevenson are also mentioned.

Detroit Pistons Draft Dreams: Ekpe Udoh |
Udoh, much like Hasheem Thabeet, will contribute whether his offense ever develops into NBA-level or not. He'll block shots and rebound decently at any level. Bigs who can do those things, even in limited minutes, are hard to find. It's why Dikembe Mutombo played until he was almost 60.

Since his last year at Michigan, Udoh didn't just improve incrementally. He improved drastically. He was playing significant minutes at Michigan -- about 26 a game as a sophomore. His scoring is up nearly seven points per game, his rebounding is up five per game, blocks are up one per game, his field goal percentage is five percent higher, his free throw percentage is up seven percent. Those things don't happen to someone who doesn't have a tremendous work ethic.

OKC's Collison undergoes arthroscopic knee surgery -
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Nick Collison has undergone successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. The team says the procedure took place Tuesday. Collison will begin rehabilitating the knee immediately and should resume offseason training this summer.

The Daily Bruin | The NBA is full of former Bruins, but...
But seriously, who is the best player in the NBA right now from UCLA? Think about it. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. I mean, if you asked me, I would have to say Westbrook, but I can’t say it confidently. Westbrook is certainly a star in the making, but the truth is, he’s not even the best player on his own team.