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Loud Links: 05|11|10

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NBA draft early entries: Evaluating each player's decision |
Daniel Orton, Kentucky: NBA teams are excited about Orton's prospects, despite the fact that he averaged only three points and three rebounds per game. That might be difficult for the casual fan to understand, but Orton lost a parent and already suffered serious knee problems before he even stepped foot on a college campus, making this decision quite a bit more complicated than some Kentucky fans realize. If Orton is drafted in the top-20 portion of the first round and is able to develop his skill-level on the job while drawing a paycheck, his situation won't be all that bad.

The Lakers worked out Paul George, Damion James, Jerome Jordan, Jarvis Varnado, Jordan Crawford, Ben Uzoh, and Luke Harangody. Chad Ford observed. Here are some of Ford's thoughts about Jerome Jordan.

NBA draft 2010: Workout analysis - ESPN Insider
Jordan has measured nearly 7-1 in shoes and has a big-time, 7-5 wingspan. Size-wise, he's the real deal, which was evident watching Jarvis Varnado struggle to get his shot off against him.

Jordan's two biggest weaknesses are correctable. He only started playing seriously when he was 17 years old, missed his senior season in high school and rarely played as a freshman at Tulsa. In other words, he has a lot of room to grow as a player. He also needs to add strength, especially in his lower body. He's made some progress in that area over the course of his college career, but he needs more time in the weight room.

Of all the players I saw Monday, he was the one I walked away convinced was too low on our Big Board. There is a dearth of centers in the draft, and Jordan has too much potential to slide out of the first round. Big guys rise as we get closer to draft night, and if Jordan continues to play like he did in Los Angeles, someone is going to take a chance on him in the 20s.

Draft Express's Jonathan Givony just delivered a must read article on France's mystery man: Kevin Seraphin. Givony deducts that Seraphin is a smart and humble guy. Kevin Seraphin's contract with Cholet is also mentioned.

DraftExpress: Finding a Niche for Kevin Seraphin
Defensively, Seraphin is much more useful at this point. He shows a much greater comfort level on the defensive end, where he’s a terrific presence inside the paint with his superb combination of length, strength and athleticism. He displays nice timing when rotating from the weak side and is especially effective at hedging pick-and-rolls, while still having the mobility to recover back onto his man thanks to his nimble feet and nice lateral quickness. He’s difficult to post up due to his wide frame, and he puts in a good effort on top of that. This puts him in a pretty rare class of prospects when considering his physical tools.

Necessary Development – Serge Ibaka | Daily
And that may be my favorite part about Ibaka: Even though he has almost unreal athleticism, an insane skillset for his size and an enthusiasm for the game and his teammates that could power the Ford Center, what impressed and engrossed me the most about Ibaka is that no matter the opponent, the moment or anything else that could and maybe even should have intimidated him, Ibaka looked it straight in the eye and said, "Let’s do this."