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Speaking of Tie Breakers

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Tonight is the NFL Draft. While I’m not a big football fan, I am a major fan of anything Oklahoma related. So I’m keyed up for Sam Bradford’s chances to be the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. I can hardly believe two kids from Oklahoma City could be the overall #1 picks in the NFL and NBA within twelve short months. With all the excitement of tonight’s draft I started looking forward to June’s NBA Draft.

I’ll have to confess that the NBA Draft is one of my most favorite times of the year. So I decided to start check all the draft websites to see what prospects their collective wisdom believes OKC will wrangle up this summer. Then I noticed something that piqued my curiosity. The Thunder seems to be picking behind Boston and San Antonio even though we had the same record (50-32).

With all the excitement of the Oklahoma City Thunder bringing playoff basketball to Oklahoma, it seems we overlooked a significant drawing that influenced our draft position. On April 16th at a NBA Board of Governors meeting, drawings were used to determine the order of selection for teams with identical records.

Oklahoma City, Boston, Portland, and San Antonio all had a 50-32 record this year. According to the drawings Boston earned the 19th pick, San Antonio earned the 20th pick, OKC earned the 21st pick, and Portland earned the 22nd pick.

So this year the Oklahoma City Thunder holds the 21st pick, the 26th pick from Phoenix, the 32nd pick from Minnesota, and the 51st pick from Portland.

Okay, enough talk about the future let's enjoy some playoff basketball.

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