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The Usual Suspects

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On the brink of what is shaping up as THE Opening Round Series (a tad dramatic yes), my thoughts of finishing up a look at the Lakers hit a speed bump. I wrote up pieces on Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, and Pau Gasol. My final shout out about Kobe Bryant seemed flawed as well, since is there really anything that can be said about that guy?

So really I was left with one last avenue to travel , and it is funny how things work out that way...

This series will be historic, no doubt, but the final piece of the puzzle was there all along. I believe it was during a chat with Zorgon that the Derek Fisher/RW0 match-up came into view. Sure it is far more sexy to talk about KD and Kobe squaring off or interesting to look at the mash unit that makes up the LA bench.

But will any of those angles overtake talking about the guys that handle the rock?

Westbrook v. Fisher for the PG Title seems a little off to me, but I do feel that is the key to winning. Fisher will need help in containing the UCLA product, especially since he will be amped up at 'home' on the road.

At the same time, Fisher has made so many key shots over his career. That will certainly be the look Silver Screen and Roll chooses to run with, even if it is not correct. Less than 30 minutes until game time, hope everyone is ready for war!