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Fab 50: Bring on the Champs

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Could there possibly be a better time of year for all who follow the NBA? Oklahoma City gets to join the fun of the best playoff format in sports, and I get to to fulfill a goal by joining the best Thunder site running today! From now until Sunday, it will be all about KD and Co. prepping to slay the Lakers with the world finally getting to see what we already know. Los Angeles hosts OKC but really the Thunder are playing with house money.

Kevin Durant leads the unknowns with a scoring title under his belt, but it seems that not everyone is a fan. While the rise to the 50-win mark was surprising, the criticism surrounding the MVP candidate is astonishing on many levels. The story will raise the attention around the LA/OKC series, and that can only help the underdogs say hi to the rest of basketball fans everywhere.

Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook you say? Hey that James Harden is only a rookie! Expect this and much more Sunday as 2010 only marks the beginning of what is to come. It's a whole new ballgame with Scott Brooks leading the way and anything can happen. Stay tuned for an inside glance at what the Thunder are facing in taking on Kobe's crew and thanks for reading.