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Game 61 Recap: Oklahoma City 104, Los Angeles Clippers 87

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Yahoo! Sports Box Score:

For most people, this was a typical Friday Night win over a sub-par team. For me, it was a nice birthday win. The Clippers led the game once, at the beginning of the first quarter, when it was 2-0. From that point on, the game wasn't ever in huge doubt. The Thunder eventually went up 18 to 6, and never really looked back, keeping in good control of the game.

We lost to the Clippers back in November because of the presence of Al Thornton, along with good performances from Baron Davis and Chris Kaman. This time, no one really stepped in to fill the hole of Al Thornton, and Davis looked pretty sub-par. The mid-season trades have weakened the Clippers by a good amount, and they've gone from threatening to docile. That and the fact that they didn't exploit us on the inside this time, like they did last time.

Below: Anaylsis, Awards

The Thunder had a smattering of good performances this time as well. Kevin Durant had 32 Points and 9 Rebounds, earning him Thunder Wonder honours. Nenad Krstic was also seen getting down and dirty for the 3rd or 4th straight game, earning himself a double double and a Thunder Down Under award. Also doing well on our team was Russell Westbrook, who, despite his 7 turnovers, did a great job Driving, Dishing, Rebounding, and Stealing, being just a few of those away from a quadruple double. Jeff Green finished with 14 Points and 8 Rebounds, and James Harden had 17 Points, 3 Rebounds, and 4 Assists off the bench.

No one really deserves it, so I'm not going to give anyone the Thunder Blunder award for this game. Though, instead of blunders, you can watch things getting blended here if you want to.

The Clippers had two of their main scorers completely shut down in the form of Baron Davis and Eric Gordon. Rather, they had to rely on inside scoring from Chris Kaman and Craig Smith, and outside scoring from old friend Rasual Butler, who had a bunch of open shots because he was being guarded by Kevin Durant. The Thunder Plunderer Award really deserves to go to Chris Kaman, but since this game occurred on my birthday, I'm giving it to Rasual Butler and Baron Davis, because they used to play for the Hornets and Warriors, respectively.

Next Game: At the Kings, Sunday, March 7th, 8 PM Central Standard Time