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The Thunder boys use social media with the best of 'em - Twit-a-what?!

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In the days of milkaholics, sexaholics and just about anything else you want to be addicted to-aholics, I have an addiction of my own to share.

Hello. My name is Jessica and I’m a Twitterholic. They say the first step is acceptance (or something like that), right? Well, I not only accept it – I embrace it. And I’m not alone – many of the young men that play for the Oklahoma City Thunder send out tweets with the best of them. @KevinDurant35 is a tweeter and so is @russwest44 and @jHARD13. But don’t leave out @ThaboSefolosha, @EMaynor3, @kyleweaver5 and @nickcollison4. And last but not least, @jeff_green22.

Why is Jeff Green last but not least, you ask? Well, last night I had the good fortune to have floor seats to the Thunder/Hornets game. After warm-ups, my crazy friend stopped Green for an autograph and to talk Twitter. She joked with him that he never responds to her tweets and he laughed and said he’d work on it. Our group thought the interaction was rather funny as we went to grab dinner in the fancy-schmancy area for the basketball high-rollers. (As an aside – wow. I need to figure out a way to get those tickets on a regular basis!)

As we went to our seats, the team was already on the court, getting loose. And then another memorable interaction between Green and our group occurred. He turned to my friend to make sure he remembered her Twitter handle. How crazy! And right before a big game!

After the great 98-83 victory, we went on about our evening. To my surprise, not long after the game Green sent out a tweet to my friend. Oh my! And then I retweeted it, joking that the mean look must have worked. The next time my phone informed me someone had tweeted to me, I was shocked to see it was Green agreeing with me.

These guys not only interact with the Oklahoma City fan base, but actually seem to enjoy it. And while it obviously doesn’t take much to fuel my Twitter addiction, I think it’s great to see these young men as approachable and amiable. Not that I wasn’t already impressed with Green’s on-court performance, but he has upped his stock in my fan book now that I have seen first-hand what a genuine guy he seems to be. That tweet has made my favorites list as I will use it to jog my memories of a basketball game and player that made my first time on the floor into one of my best evenings in the Ford Center – pending playoff memories that (I hope) come sooner rather than later. Until then Thunder Up!

Oh…and if you have twitter questions or want to follow my tweets and perpetuate my addiction, I can be found at @j_lantz.