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A 10 Day Contract in the Works?

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I haven't seen anything official yet, but it seems the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to pick up Antonio Anderson from the D-League. Anderson was the D-League Player of the Month for this past December. Most of the buzz I've seen is coming from twitter:

OKC is planning to sign Antonio Anderson of D-League's Rio Grande -- 15 ppg and 6 assists --- to 10 day contract, league source says.
Quentin Rexwinkle
The OKC Thunder to sign Antonio Anderson (@rgvvipers) to 10 day contract.

Antonio Anderson will meet the Thunder back in Oklahoma City after they play in Minnesota tomorrow night. Good for him

@DarnellMayberry NM - just saw todays Thunder Notebook about poss of Harp being waived.

According to DraftExpress Anderson is a 6'6 shooting guard that is mainly a defender and play-maker:

What proved to be the biggest eye opener with Anderson this season was with the ball in his hands more often this season, he proved to be an apt playmaker, averaging 4.5 assists per game. He has never been a big time scorer during his tenure at Memphis, but he proved that on nights when he isn’t a scoring threat of any kind he can still be a major offensive factor. His 11-assist performance in a second round win over Maryland proved that statement to be true.

Defense will ultimately wind up being Anderson’s meal ticket in the long run. As has been mentioned in the past, the senior’s size and wingspan allow him to cover any perimeter position and he has proven time and again to be more than up for the challenge of a tough scorer. He brings tremendous hustle to this end of the floor, fighting through screens and rebounding the basketball well. Anderson is a very smart defender, not often biting on fakes but rather playing with his feet and bodying up opponents when it is necessary. His combination of strength, intensity and lateral quickness makes it very difficult for players to beat him off the dribble.