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Loud Links 12|8|10

Harden ready to break out of sophomore slump? | NewsOk

James Harden often looked lost on the floor at the start of this season and his stats dipped significantly.  Coach Scott Brooks is asking Harden to be more aggressive on the offensive end and he responded by getting to the line 9 times in Chicago Wednesday night.  And Harden averaging 15.3 points this month so far gives hope that he could have a break-out year and live up to the third overall pick in the (albeit lukewarm and devoid of well-rounded big men) 2009 draft.


What's next for NOLA? | Yahoo!

Yahoo!Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski contemplates the next move for the Hornets franchise.  The league reportedly wants to find a local buyer for the team and unload it onto private hands as soon as possible.  There is the possibility of a Super-Sonics type scenario going down, though I can't think of a market that's really jumping at new financial burdens in this climate, so where would the Hornets move to?  Kansas City?  Seattle?  I don't see it happening in the near future.

NBA RV Connect 4 | ESPN


The game that has everybody saying "Pretty sneaky, Jeff Van Gundy."  Play against Steve Nash, Derrick Rose, Amar'e Stoudemire, Brandon Jennings, Rajon Rondo, or TV personalities JVG and Stuart Scott.  Each player has a different victory taunt should they win as well (Nash plays "O Canada" on a stereo, Brandon Jennings invites the Bucks' mascot Bango and the like).