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Loud Links 12|6|10

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Through the first quarter of the season... |

Darnell Mayberry analyzes the Thunder's first quarter of the '10-'11 season.  With last nights win over the Warriors, the Thunder move to 14-7.  Even better, they're 4-1 in the division so far, 11-1 in close games, and the continued maturation of Russell Westbrook has been the talk of the league as he sets pace for career high stats this season.

The NBA buys Hornets in a temporary deal | Associated Press

New Orleans' franchise has had money problems the last couple of years, and apparently the league has made a deal with Hornets owner George Shinn to buy the team.  This is just a temporary move until an individual or group buys up majority ownership of the club.  The franchise is not expected to move from New Orleans.

The Evolution of Chris Andersen |

Sometimes it's hard to remember Chris Andersen in 1999 as a fresh-faced lad coming into the NBA because he sports a pretty wild look these days.  The above photo essay shows us the evolution of the Birdman.

Still-pic of LeBron's powder toss in Cleveland | Hardwood Paroxysm

This is like a tapestry of hate; Like those "Find the six differences" photos but instead you count the number of middle fingers you can spot.