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Loud Links 12|3|10

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Some love for Russell Westbrook | Outside The NBA

More talk about the swift ascension of Russ as he continues to impress around the league with his ridiculous showings of athleticism and improvement this season. Oh, yeah, and this was written before he beasted his way into scoring all 13 of the Thunder's points in triple-OT versus the Nets.

Why the Miami Heat may be better than you think | TBJ

The Basketball Jones' Scott Carefoot gives his reasoning on why the Heat have struggled so far. In his opinion, the biggest problem facing the Heat so far has been simply bad luck. Backing up this claim is the "Pythagorean wins" theory (explained in the post) which shows the Heat as the unluckiest team in the league so far. Who's had the best luck according to this formula? Your Oklahoma City Thunder. And again, this was before Wednesday's Nets game which only adds evidence to the pile.

Hilarious new Li-Ning F2 spot | YouTube

Customs agents (Donnell Rawlings, of Chappelle's Show fame, and Gerry Bednob) harass a Li-Ning employee bring merchandise to the US. It's absolutely hysterical, check it out.