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Loud Links 12|29|10

Mapping the NBA's Young, Old, and Bad | SB Nation

Tom Ziller breaks down "failure in the context of age" for the less winning teams this season and explains why the Kings could be prepared for a Thunder-esque rise in wins within a couple years.

Examining what it takes to become MVP | The Point Forward

Breaking down the different facets of the NBA's Most Valuable Player race.  Some of the criteria listed are: Team Success, Rebounding, Scoring Effeciancy (PER), and age -

Only eight MVP trophies have been handed to players who were older than 30, and four of them were to either Jordan or Malone, both of whom were ageless freaks. Only 11 awards have been won by guys younger than 25.


Shaq reacts to $35,000 fine | via CelticsBlog

Shaquille O'Neal made some choice comments about league official Bob Delaney and was fined thirty-five thousand dollars, which to him of course is like nothing.  Here's his priceless reaction.

Graphing the jersey numbers of Ron Artest through the years | Flip Flop Fly Ball

This is probably only cute to me, but here it is- a graphic of Ron Artest's numbers and the explanations for each one over his NBA career.