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Loud Links 12|24|10

LeBron in favor of contraction | CBS Sports

It seems like it's becoming the same ol' same ol' with 'Bron coverage- show some quotes and then pick apart why he shouldn't have said what he said.  James is most definitely "misguided" in his comments and thankfully he's not in a position to push the contraction issue.

Scott Brooks living with the current trend | NewsOk

As long as his team is able to take two steps forward after taking one step back, Thunder coach Scott Brooks said he can live with the results.

The Best of TBJ 2010 | The Basketball Jones

Player interviews and web shorts compiled for a year in review piece from one of the best blogs around.

Shapeshifters! | NBA Hoot

TV Quirks...Thabo Sefolosha and Wesley Johnson are apparently the same dude.  What a hard worker!