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Larry Brown Out as Bobcats Coach After Thunder Loss

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Via Yahoo! Sports:

You always hate to see a man lose his job because of a loss to your team, but the end was inevitable for Larry Brown. After three years of coaching the Bobcats, Larry Brown has decided to step down in a "mutual" decision between him and team majority owner Michael Jordan.

But, looking back, using every player on your roster and completely losing the game in the fourth quarter can't have reflected too well on him. I'm reminded of P.J. Carlesimo's last game, where the Thunder just got obliterated by a mediocre Hornets team, and the game was over by the half. Obviously, one coach is much better than the other, and Larry Brown's team actually put up a fight for most of the game. But when a coach's tenure is over, sometimes, you can sense it in the air.

What's next for Larry Brown? My first guess would be a move to an advisory position where he could work his way into the front office and then on to the bench, because teams might be reluctant to hire him after this debacle. Michael Jordan said he will be on as an advisor for the team, but Larry Brown could soon seek a job elsewhere. Then again, he is 70 years old, so like Don Nelson, he just may be ready to ride off into the sunset.