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Loud Links 12|22|10

Outside the NBA's James Herbert - "If you had told me that this kid was gonna score more career points than Larry Bird.."

Time to blow up the 'Cats roster? | The Point Forward

The Bobcats have been an absolute disaster so far this season. At 9-19 after last night's loss to the Thunder, are they to the point of no return where the organization should scrap everything, try to make some decent trades and begin re-building?

New Zoom KD III colorway |

Unveiling the new Nike Zoom KD III's super-yellow colorway, which will become available for purchase December 26th.

Donnie Walsh returns to MSG | ESPN

The Knicks president and general manager will attend tonight's game against the Thunder. It will be his first appearance at a Knicks game since undergoing hip surgery last month.