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Loud Links 12/21/10

Kevin Durant Getting Dialed In -from
Here in the middle of December, the Oklahoma City Thunder star is again quietly finding his rhythm. It was a year ago Wednesday that Durant started last season's 29-game streak of at least 25 points. And just like last year, Durant now looks dialed in.

You would have had to be blind to not notice Kevin Durant's spotty shooting at the start of the season, shooting 43% from the floor during the first 24 games, including a 7-of-22 outing against New Orleans on Nov. 29. 

However, despite losing four games to injury, Durant has shot 46% or better in five of his last eight, and finally looks to be getting into the swing of things. 

Florida high school player goes WWE on ref -from
This is crazy. This video is reportedly from a DeSoto County High School game (Arcadia, Fla.) on Monday night (Dec. 15). At around the 1:15 mark, a DeSoto player gets in the face of the official after getting tangled up with an opponent, and then full-on attacks the ref. The player in question is under the age of 18, so his name hasn’t been made public.

Now, I've heard of players disagreeing with a call, but that is a little much. In a move that shocked nobody, the student was suspended from school and, according to his coach, will never play again. Definitely click the link, the video is something to see. 

Now someone get this kid an agent and an interview with the Wizards. Latrell Sprewell has been out of the league for awhile, and Washington has an opening for a locker room cancer.