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Loud Links 12|16|10

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KD named Oklahoman of the Year | Oklahoma Today

Online version of the article.  Past winners include David Boren and Clay Bennett.

Have Ball, Will Travel- Manu Ginobli (12/15) | Hardwood Paroxysm

Taking a look at last night's Bucks-Spurs buzzer beater that at first looked like an egregious travel, but upon inspection of this breakdown was actually a totally legal and beautiful step-back swish from the Argentinian boy wonder.

Outrage about Kobe's new endorsement | NewsOK

Kobe Bryant recently signed a two-year endorsement deal with Turkish Airlines.  In case you didn't know, California has a good sized Armenian population (~700,000) and they really, really hate anything Turkish because of the oppression and genocide that the Ottoman Empire perpetrated against the Armenian people.  This has many Armenians vowing to boycott the Lakers.

Kevin Durant in Gameday Mode | YouTube

From this @kd35sneighbor thing that you probably know by now is a weird viral marketing campaign from Nike Basketball.  The video shows KD's preparation and the "ballers' entrance" that goes right into the belly of the arena.

"wow.. he said that this happened yesterday and if you look at the photo at 2:02 you'll see that thunder play vs cska moscow.. try harder next time nike!"