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Loud Links 12|15|10

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Kyle Lowry eats a fan's popcorn | Clutch Fans

Much akin to LeBron James' french fry jack in OKC last season, the Rockets' Kyle Lowry recently ate some popcorn on his way to the free throw line.  We play Houston tonight, so courtside sitters, watch out!  Your food is apparently fair game if somebody gets fouled.

Thunder still having trouble with rebounding | NewsOk

The Thunder is allowing the seventh most offensive rebounds in the league at 11.8 per game...

Entering Wednesday night's game against Houston, however, the Thunder has allowed 15.2 offensive rebounds per game in its past five outings.
Defensive rebounding will continue to be the Achilles' heel of this team until we establish or trade for a genuinely intimidating defensive post presence.

Last night someone tweeted from a Denver media outlet confirming a trade sending Carmelo Anthony to the Nets.  Not so fast...The rumor has been stamped out pretty thoroughly (what were the Nuggets supposed to get back?) and this article explains why a Melo to the Nets scenario is illogical and most likely just that...a rumor.

The Nets are getting Sasha Vujacic and the first round draft picks for 2011 and 2012 from the Lakers and the ,Nets respectively.  Houston gets Terrence Williams and Joe Smith, formerly of the Supersonics/Thunder (before the Nets), will go to the Lakers.  I have no idea why LA would want him, but I will always respect Zorgon's right to rock his "Old #7" jersey.