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Loud Links 12|13|10

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James Harden over J.J. Hickson | You Got Dunked On

Harden's huge and-1 dunk from last night's game vs the Cavs.  It was so awesome, James had to hyperventilate right afterward.

Melo to Charlotte? | Hoopsworld

Speculating about the final destination of Carmelo Anthony.

OKC fan wins $20,000 | YouTube

The way the Midfirst Bankshot Contest is set up, you never really expect anybody to win in all, but at least they get a couple hundred as a consolation prize.  But fan Robert Yanders wanted it all and got it, sinking the half-court shot like he was Eric Maynor closing the 3rd quarter.  Barry Switzer's reaction is priceless.

The New Works | NBA Fanhouse

TZ's gone from The Works, replacing him in this first new edition of the column is Eric Freeman.  Him and Shoals tackle issues from around the league including the Westbrook vs Rose debate.

Contrast that, for instance, with Westbrook's bull-in-a-china-shop approach, and there's no question which one is easier on the eyes. Rose's tactic is less effective on the scoreboard because Westbrook is taking twice as many foul shots every night.