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Loud Links 12|1|10

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Kevin Durant's Game Changing Block | NBA Playbook

Sebastian Pruiti of breaks down an instance of great defensive rotation by Kevin Durant from Monday's enthralling win over New Orleans.  One of the big reasons the Thunder were able to win this game was timely and well positioned help defense on the pick-and-roll, which when run by Chris Paul is both beautiful and terrifying. 

In case you ever wanted to know... |

Here's a list of dude's name's you might recognize who currently ball in China.  So when you get in that argument with your friend tomorrow about if Stephon Marbury  survived that car crash, you can remind him that, yes, he did, and he plays in China now and makes $25,000 a month, but possibly keeps a second job at a doll factory [unconfirmed as of yet].

Highlights from an interview with Nike designer Leo Chang |

The designer of the Nike Zoom KD III explains some of the specs of Kevin Durant's new signature shoe.  The most important things: it's super cool that KD demands Nike keep his shoes under $90, and there will also be a creamsicle colorway unveiled Christmas Day against Denver, but apparently one that's not quite so intensely orange-y.