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Loud Links: 11/9/10

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If companies want Durant, they're going to have to come to Oklahoma City from
"I always told myself if I play the game the right way, if I always get better, things like this are going to come to me," Durant said. "I don't have to go other places just to get this. "I don't want to sound like a prima donna. But if companies want to come out here and be a part of what I have going on, they're going to have to come to Oklahoma City." That's precisely what's taking place before our eyes.

And here we see the hidden dividends of having big-time sports with a big-time name in our not-so-big-time city. Any exposure that OKC and its' community can recieve courtesy of companies coming here to chase Durant can only be a good thing, I think.

As the NBA raises OKC's appeal to companies and its' standard of living, we may see more intangible returns on our initial tax investment that helped secure the Thunder's relocation from Seattle.

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Ankle Injury keeps Green out vs. Celtics from USA Today
Forward Jeff Green was held out of the Oklahoma City Thunder's lineup Sunday night against the Boston Celtics with a sprained left ankle. Coach Scott Brooks said Green hurt the ankle Saturday in practice and will be day to day. The Thunder's next game is Wednesday night against Philadelphia.

When I checked the box score following our loss to the Boston Celtics, I was surprised to find Jeff Green sat out due to a rolled ankle he suffered in practice.

As of right now, he is still listed as day to day, with his status for Wednesday's matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers still uncertain. Here's hoping he can return quickly so we can sit Sefalosha in favor of Serge Ibaka.

Speaking of...

Power Serge - Women Want Him, Men Want to Be Him. Meet Serge Ibaka from the Oklahoma Gazette
You might not know it, but now you can say you’ve heard it: Serge Ibaka is the present-day future form of the NBA, with a look that girls fantasize about and guys only can imagine when they stand in front of their mirror. Alone.

Admit it: If you’re a girl, don’t lie. If you’re a guy, you’ve done it.

This is an article I was surprised to find, as I only knew about it after spying a copy of the Gazette in the bin between the Eastword and my school's local greaseateria.

I lack the lifestyle to comment on whether Ibaka is sex on stilts (perhaps one of our readers could provide better insight into this?) but apparently, as far as this Gazette writer is concerned, Ibaka's body is the definition of the new NBA standard; a perfect blend of mass and length.

I suppose, however, if this basketball thing doesn't work out for Ibaka, he has a future in modeling.