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Loud Links 11|7|10

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Darnell Mayberry on Ibaka's first career start

Serge Ibaka had a game high 11 rebounds in his first game as a starter replacing the injured Jeff Green.  Depending on what happens when Green becomes a restricted free agent, Ibaka starting at the 4 spot is pretty likely going to be the future of this team.  If it is though, we need to find another player to be that spark off the bench that's missing when Serge starts.  The bench produced a stale 12 points last night against a Celtics team has one of the top second units in the league.

Clevelanders respond to LeBron's "Rise" Ad |

In LBJ's new Nike ad as you probably know, he asks many rhetorical questions.  Some Cleveland residents made a video to address LeBron's question "What should I do?" with what he should have done and, as you can imagine, it's a little bit harsh.