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Loud Links 11|5|10

60 Days, 30 Arenas: The Mission | The Basketball Jones

As a feature for TBJ, 76ers blogger Andrew Unterberger from the 700 Level is on a mission to see a game in every arena in the league.  I think it's a pretty interesting idea, to experience each team in their city, with their fans, live.  The asbestos scare at Madison Square Garden delayed the beginning of the journey so the Prudential Center, temporary home of the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Netsis first up.

Awkward NBA Handshake | via i-hate-fate (tumblr)

Showing support for your teammates is essential in team sports that rely on inter-personal chemistry heavily, like basketball.  This is why everybody goes around slapping fives anytime there's a foul, whether it was for or against you, or whether it was the right call or not.  There was a study a while ago that suggested that physical contact between players increased wins, the classic example being that the Celtics win a lot and Kevin Garnett touches people a lot.  In this instance though, the effort to shake between teamies Kevin Love and Wesley Johnson is a little strained and awkward.

Just 'cause   -   Ron-Ron's new Peak commercial | That NBA Lottery Pick

What's two times better/crazier than Ron Artest? Two Ron Artest-s!  There was already the amazingly awesome clip where Ron interviews himself, and now a new commercial for Peak footwear is out where he goes against himself 1-on1 on the court.  Nothing special in the ad, I just love all things Artest.  Oddly though, Ron's voice-over (with such classic cliches as- "You are your own worst enemy..." and Oriental twanging in the background) sounds more Staten Island than Queensbridge.