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Loud Links 11/30/10: The Late Late Edition

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Wow, any later and I would have to find a DeLorean to come back and get this done. Wow, I do apologize for that. But, the semester will be done in a few weeks, and school can stop kicking me around like Jeff Green's ankle. 

Westbrook beats CP3 in OKC -from Dime Magazine
It’s officially Back to the Future time for the Hornets. After starting the season winning 11 of their first 12 games and eliminating all of the persistent rumors about Chris Paul leaving, they’ve since lost four out of five and reality is beginning to set in. Last night in Oklahoma City — 24 hours after blowing a 17-point lead in a loss to the Spurs — the Hornets led for much of the second half until a flurry of OKC awesomeness sent N.O. home with another loss

I was listening to WWLS this morning and they were talking about how Chris Paul was very snooty in refusing a pre-game interview before their recent loss to the Thunder. After that late-game beatdown Russell Westbrook laid on Paul, I would suggest he pull that nose down a little bit, though I can't say I blame the guy (I wouldn't want to talk to the talking heads they have at The Sports Animal either.)

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Thunder Notebook: Brooks praises Nets coach -from NewsOK
"Avery (Johnson) does a great job," Brooks said of the Nets' new coach. "He has them playing tough-minded basketball. They've got a big-time center in Brook (Lopez), a terrific point guard in Devin (Harris). They've got some shooters around them. They've got the young fella (rookie forward Derrick Favors), who's going to be a very big player in this league. We have to go out there and play like we've played all season long on the road, take the challenge and it's going to be a good challenge for us."

Not only does Scott Brooks have glowing praise for Avery Johnson and his job turning around a team that last year flirted with the worst record in basketball history, but the article goes on to talk about other subjects, including Thabo Sefolosha's upcoming basketball camp for Oklahoma City schoolchildren at Douglass High School on Dec. 28 on behalf of the Wes Welker Foundation.

Speaking of football, I know this is a basketball blog, but if you did not see this Oklahoma State interception during Bedlam, then you need to fix this immediately. It was a play straight from an NBA playbook. Replace the field with a basketball court and make it Nick Collison diving and batting the ball back inbounds, and it would look right at home.