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Loud Links 11|3|10

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New Steve Nash Promo for NBA on ESPN


Blake Griffin looks great, but can he help turn the Clips around? | Yahoo! Sports

Marc J. Spears has been talking with several NBA scouts about the emerging star that is Blake Griffin and speculates about his potential ceiling.  The Clippers franchise, though, is a monument to mismanagement and bad luck and I doubt Griffin can set things right in the near future unless he develops faster than anyone expects, Baron Davis suddenly decides to show up, and the bench scores more than three baskets in a game.

Proposed nicknames for 29 NBA benches | TBJ

Phil Jackson has dubbed this season's slightly more terrifying second unit of LA Lakers -  "the Renegades".  This seems a kind of odd moniker for players who were brought in to play within their roles in a rigid offensive system, but whatever.  Trey Kerby from The Basketball Jones has his suggestions for the other 29 benches in the league.  Denver's bench is "Headband Collective" which I loved, but I feel like most of them are references to movies I've never seen.