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Loud Links 11|24|10

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Nick Collison signs contract extension | AP

Yes!  Sam Presti announced successfully inking Collison to a multi-year contract extension Tuesday, but as usual did not disclose the specifics of the deal.  The current back-up center has averaged 7.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, and a barrel full of intangibles for his career thus far.

Introducing the Nike Zoom KD III |

Kevin Durant debuted these new kicks last night in the fresh home whites.  Here's a look at the road color scheme.

Durant, Beasley had a decent childhood team | TBJ/NewsOk

KD and the T-Wolves' Michael Beasley both grew up in Maryland and played together on an AAU team for 4 years.  Trey Kerby imagines how terrifying this pre-teen combo would be on the court and rightfully questions why there is no footage of it on the internet.