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Enhancing My Experience Through 3D

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Imagine 3D! Is your mind blown?!
Imagine 3D! Is your mind blown?!

Over the past couple weeks, I've told you how my experience of watching the NBA has been enhanced through the magic of my DVR and the Internet.

But, today, I can tell you about something else that will completely blow your mind. Instead of watching the NBA in 2D, I can watch it in THREEEEEEEE DEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

That's right! The NBA has converted all of their games to 3-D. To tell you how awesome it is, let me tell you about the first time I experienced a game in 3-D.

When I was a child, my parents took a trip down to Dallas during my school's Christmas vacation. I had followed the Dallas Mavericks that year because they had just drafted my favorite player from OU, Eduardo Najera. So, my Dad decided to take me to a game.

And what a game it was! Instead of all of the players being compressed onto a 2-D television screen or a no-D radio set, they were in 3-D right before my eyes!

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Okay, okay. That was a bit silly. I've never actually seen 3-D technology put into action for a sporting event. My only 3-D experience came when I watched a Japanese cartoon in Japan. It was be honest, I don't see what's so amazing about 3-D. One of my friends summed it up thusly, "It's just distracting. It's like, 'Whoh that flower is slightly protruding from the screen! So amazing!'"

But, isn't the point of this post to emphasize how technology makes my life easier? Well, I guess so. I suppose I'll sum it up by saying that sometimes technology makes my life easier in that sometimes I can push it out of the way. When I'm at a game, I used my car and bike to get there, I have a cell phone in my pocket, and I'll check the box scores and write a recap online afterwards. So I'm surrounded by technology.

However, when I'm at the actual game, the main thing I'm interested in is the basketball. The scoreboard is high tech, and so is the entertainment. But when you get down to it, I'm seeing the game in the same way my father and grandfather did when they went to basketball games. So while most things change wildly over the course of just a few years, it's refreshing to see that some things are fundamentally the same. But if I had to wait until the next day for my box score to come with the morning paper, I'd go insane!

Oh yeah, and there's a random draw going on a where you can win a free THREE DEE TEE VEE. So good luck, and if you win, then good on ya, mate!