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loud Links 11/18/10

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Ha. There isn't an illness that'll keep me down for long...

Jeff Green's Ankle Improving - from
Green first sprained the ankle on Nov. 6 and then re-injured it when he returned to action last Sunday against San Antonio after missing eight days and three games. On both occasions, Green stepped on someone else's foot.

Wow... same injury, similar circumstances, suffered twice in the span of less than a month? Maybe he should start wrapping that thing a little? Let's just hope when Jeff Green returns from this latest sprain, we don't go for the triple-play.


Allen Iverson Scores 15 in Turkey debut, still loses -from
The long awaited European debut of Allen Iverson is on tap with the Eurocup Group B opening game between Besiktas and end Hemofarm Stada in Istanbul Tuesday night, and the Serbian side would like nothing more but to steal the show with a road win

Indeed they did. Iverson's numbers were fairly pedestrian in his first game for Besiktas ColaTurka. In 23 minutes, he racked up 15 points on a respectable display of 3 point shooting (3/4) but was torrid inside the arc (1/6). He also turned in 3 rebounds and two assists, coming in behind a fresh graduate from Vanderbilt, Andrew Ogilvy, who led Besiktas with 20 points behind 7/12 shooting and 6/7 free throws.