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Loud Links 11|12|10

Cole Aldrich's Rookie Blog | Dime Mag

The folks over at Dime Magazine's website have given Thunder rookie Cole Aldrich a blog called 'Cole World'.  Not sure how many posts this will run or how often they'll come but I'm excited.  In the inaugural article, Aldrich discusses his childhood, looking up to Kevin Garnett and Nick Collison, living in OKC, and the other Thunder players.  He says his pick for the most athletic Thunder player is Jeff Green -

I don’t think people realize how strong he is, and he has huge hands that engulf the ball. He can do whatever he wants when he gets out in the open court. He runs like a deer in the forest.

Good stuff.  Jeff Green is a deer, Nenad is...a snapping turtle? And D.J. White is most definitely a chipmunk.

Legit Durantula Jerseys |

For forty-five bucks, you can lay your hands on an Oklahoma City #35 NBA replica jersey.  The name on the back? - DURANTULA!!!!!!

The answer to the most pressing question in the NBA | TBJ

That is, what did Andray Blatche do to deserve Gilbert Arenas dropping a deuce in his shoe?