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Loud Links 11|1|10

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Well, I guess we're not going to sweep them this season either...

Last Night's Box Score | Yahoo! Sports

Ugh...first loss of the season and it was not pretty.  The Thunder shot poorly and got behind, never to come back while Utah shot 53% from the floor and 63% from behind the arc.  One interesting point in terms of +/-, the Jazz had four starters over +16 while every Thunder starter had a -16 performance or worse.

The West is still the West |

I don't think anybody was disputing that fact, but whatever.  Barry Tramel with his take on the aforementioned loss.

Allen Iverson signs with Turkish club | SLAM Online

AI has signed a two year, $4 million contract with Besiktas Cola Turka.  There are a couple videos under the post of the ceremonial aspects of the deal, complete with awkward jersey presentation while Turkish music plays in the background, and an interview with Iverson.

Stern predicts the NBA will one day include a European team |

David Stern says it is (once again) inevitable that globalization will lead the NBA to expand across the Atlantic.  He likes the idea.  Marcin Gortat does not.  He thinks it would hurt the standing of the league and says "just maybe expand from Canada" which may be an option if the market and the will is there and if any sort of expansion does happen which is far from likely.  But how pissed do you think Sonics fans would be if Vancouver got a team again?